North West Mounted Police Outpost

bthrlogo00650018Built on site in 2002 by volunteers, this is a replica of some of the log outpost buildings from around 1874 the NWMP used when they crossed Manitoba. 

It's beside/on the actual historic March West Trail.  The logs were cut using the sawmill at the museum.

The North West Mounted Police were established in 1873 to maintain law and order in the northwest part of Canada, a fairly new country at the time.  Planning of the NWMP had already been underway.  However, after a massacre of 22 Assiniboine in the Cypress Hills by American Wolf Hunters seeking revenge for stolen horses, speedy approval by parliament was assured. 

This made it possible for the newly formed NWMP to complete their "March West" in 1874 to bring law and order to the Western frontier.  The boundary commission/ NWMP trail runs from Fort Dufferin in Emerson, Man to Fort McLeod in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Parts of the trail used by the police were originally a buffalo path, also used by natives before the NWMP came through.

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