MTS Building & Post Office - 1948

Winkler Telephone Office - Moved in 2001


A new telephone office was opened by MTS on April 1, 1948 at 650 Mountain Avenue in Winkler.  It was used for 16 years but by 1965 it was time for construction again and the building was closed to make way for a new electronic office on the corner of Mountain and 3rd Street. 

After it's use as a telephone office, the building became known as "The Lighthouse", a popular youth centre in its time that was located in Winkler.

Artifacts that are currently displayed include an antique telephone booth (now located on the south wall of the building) which was originally located in the southeast corner of the building when it was still in use, historical and educational details and displays of MTS cabling and tools, many versions of telephones from over the years and antique switchboards, that Telephone Operators used to link locals to the world. 

In 2008, the MTS building was refurbished by MTS volunteers to mark their 100th anniversary! 


Post Office 

This building also displays artifacts from a typical Post Office of by-gone days, which were all donated by Canada Post Offices in Brandon, Gladstone, MacGregor, Minnedosa, Morden, Neepawa and Winkler and also includes mailboxes from the old Brown Store in the 1-6 District (southwest of Morden), which was closed between 1964 - 1968.


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