Braun Log House - 1885

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This log house was built in 1885 in the Burwalde area by Gerhard Braun. 

Dovetail construction on the outside corners, along with engraved numerals (also at the outside corners) allowed the house to be disassembled and reassembled easily. 


Jakob Braun of Osterwick carved the wooden bench (located in the kitchen) after he immigrated to Canada.  He used only a jackknife and wooden dowels in its construction, without any metal pieces.  The painting above the bench shows the house and barn when in use, illustrating how the north door in the kitchen would have led into the barn. 

Master Bedroom

100 0779Photographs on the wall in the room are of the original family in the house.  Pictures include the parents and children's photos.

The Braun House was moved to the Pembina Threshermen's Museum in 1976 and underwent extensive restoration recently, with it re-opening August 2016. 


(More photos below). 


PTM "Save the Braun House" Campaign (2015)

Be a Part of Local History:

Building the Future ... With and For your Children!


Imagine ... walking into a 100+ year old home and knowing it's standing in part because of you. Imagine years later ... your children walking into the same building with your grandchildren and seeing their family's name "written down in history" ~ for THEIR future children to see.

History is being made at the Pembina Threshermen's Museum (PTM) and you &/or your family can be a part of it!

The PTM is a unique treasure. It's more than just a collection of antiques. It's an outdoor village of pioneer shops, buildings, tractor sheds and homes, that allows those who are intrigued by the thrill of the "old West" and/or Mennonite agricultural heritage to virtually 'step back in time' and experience local history 'from the inside', by feeling a part of it as they explore the village and museum buildings.

The PTM is pleased to be able to offer such a unique experience to our visitors ... but it takes considerable commitment and finances to be able to continue to do so.


The PTM is 'making history'!

History is not just the past ... it's also about the present that will BECOME the past for those of the future ~ and you can become a part of that history, by supporting our causes of today!

Weathering and age takes its toll on pioneer buildings and we need to ensure their preservation by protecting them structurally, so the Pembina Threshermen's Museum's

"Save the Braun House" Campaign is offering a fun new way to help make a difference.


There are a few ways for individuals, families &/or companies to take part:

It can sometimes feel like there are few ways in the world to actually make a difference and even less ways that are 'fun' ... but the PTM has combined both while taking the concept of 'giving' to a whole new level.

Make it personal - choose what you want to 'buy' vs. just giving $ and not knowing where or how it helped.

Watch the results - watch the PTM e-mails, facebook and other publicity as the Braun House gets restored.

Read how you helped - donors names will be listed on a plaque inside the Braun House once it is restored, for future generations to see.


What can I buy to help?

YOU choose how much you give and where it goes!   You can ...

"buy a log" ($50 - 60 available)

"buy a window" ($100 - 7 available)

"buy a door" ($500 - 3 available)

"buy a foundation corner"  ($1000 - 4 available)


From May 1 - Sep 30, 2015 the above items will be available 'for purchase' on a "first come, first served" basis ~ so when they're gone, they're gone. Donors will receive a charitable tax receipt and we anticipate the items will 'sell' fast so if you, your family or your company would like to "go down in history" at the Pembina Threshermen's Museum, simply write "Buy a ......" at the bottom of your cheque before popping it in the mail to: PTM Box 1103 Winkler, MB R6W 4B2  

Note: general donations of any amount are also being kindly accepted with donors receiving a tax receipt when they give $20 or more. (Please write "Braun House" on the bottom of your cheque so we know where you wish the donation to be directed).

Prefer to remain anonyms? Simply add that to your cheque and we'll include your donation in the campaign but respect your request to not be named.  


And it's not just about saving the Braun House. The benefits go far deeper than that and become a 'building block' that can reap positive results far into the future.

Giving to something significant returns huge value and kids love to be involved in planning, so young families in particular can have a lot of fun and reap great benefits from this. Parents can simply explain the situation (using the write up and photos on the website to share the history of the house) and get the children involved in the decision process, then bring them to the museum to show them how & where they helped to make a difference for all the other children who will come to visit in the future.

It creates a powerful family bond that has long-lasting positive effects when children get to be a part of a process, are included in the choice and can then see physical results ... not to mention the excitement that is created and an important lesson learned about 'giving', that can help them in other ways throughout life. And then there's the additional aspect of when the children return with THEIR children one day to show them the heritage home they helped restore!

It's such a different experience for the whole family when parents return with their children and relive the excitement of the PTM through their own eyes as a child. Both the parents and children get far more out of the visit and the chance of history being passed on in the same way to future generations increases. Everybody wins!

Young or old ... when a person feels good about what they've done, they are more likely to "pay it forward" and do it again, perhaps in a difference way.

So take that step ~ choose to take action and enjoy all the personal, family & community benefits of doing so. It's not every day that a donation comes with SO many benefits!


What a unique and exciting opportunity a simple donation today can offer ... in helping to preserve history, while leaving a special legacy for those of the future!

For more information e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


"Preserving the Gems of the Past

... for Those of the Future!"


(Photos below of PTM summer students tending to the Braun House)

 PTM Volunteer 3 800x600  Tending to Braun House Flowers        
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