Pelser's Barber Shop - 1920

100 0648This building is a replica of the actual Pelser Barber Shop in Winkler, which was built in 1920. 

The artifacts contained in it, however, are from Pelser's Barber Shop, which was located on Main Street in Winkler at the current location of the Crocus Place parking lot. 

Mr. Pelser was born in West Germany in 1887.  He immigrated to Canada in 1905 and settled in Winnipeg where he trained as a barber.  In 1907, Mr. Pelser moved to Winkler before moving on to Saskatchewan in 1909.  After receiving the title to a homestead there, he moved back to Winkler in 1920 and opened his shop that same year. 

During the depression, Julius Pelser gave shaves for 15 cents and haircuts for 25 cents.  He raised a family of six on this income.  In 1952, Julius' son Leonard joined him in working in the barbershop.  Leonard remained in the shop until the mid 1990's, when it was moved to make way for the Crocus Place parking lot.

The sign of the barber's profession is still widely kept.  It is a pole with red and white stripes in a spiral around it.  These stripes represent the bandage with which the barber wrapped his patient after bloodletting.  It should be noted that in very early days, barbers were also surgeons.

The Barber Shop also houses an extensive collection of calendars dating back to 1924.

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